Divine Healing • John G Lake

Divine Healing • John G Lake


John G Lake was a man of God that had deep understanding of divine healing. His childhood was filled with death and sickness, but the Lord used such to provoke a desire to see the works of the devil conquered and destroyed. He left a legacy when he departed from this earth, and today, we are able to learn from this great child of God. This book contains the words of John G Lake as he tells the stories of miraculous healings and the explanations behind the results. Backed with Scripture, this book should aid the hungry soul to see the divine healing Jesus desires for all of us. Be blessed my friend as you read this book!


Audiobook Length - 3 Hours and 51 Minutes


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Track 1 - Opening Credits

Track 2 - Preface

Track 3 - Ch1 - Divine Healing is Not New

Track 4 - Ch2 - The Science of Divine Healing

Track 5 - Ch3 - Divine Healing

Track 6 - Ch4 - The Grace of Divine Healing

Track 7 - Ch5 - Behold, I Give You Power

Track 8 - Ch6 - The Truth About Divine Healing

Track 9 - Closing Credits

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