Visions Beyond the Veil • H.A. Baker

Visions Beyond the Veil • H.A. Baker


"It seemed most wonderful how the Spirit revealed to these simple believers, who had only heard of the Bible for a few months, the things of Christ, His salvation, and the things of the future by visions of the unseen worlds."

- H.A. Baker

Harold Armstrong Baker was the grandfather of Rolland Baker - husband of Heidi Baker of IRIS Ministries. He and his wife were missionaries to China during the 20th century. This book discusses different visions and dreams that should not only excite the believer, but encourage him to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

May this book bless you in Jesus name!


Audiobook Length - 3 Hours and 49 Minutes


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Track 1 - Opening Credits

Track 2 - Introduction

Track 3 - Ch1 - Mighty Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Track 4 - Ch2 - Supernatural Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

Track 5 - Ch3 - Scriptural Results of the Outpouring

Track 6 - Ch4 - Visions of Heaven

Track 7 - Ch5 - Paradise

Track 8Ch6 - Angels in Our Midst

Track 9 - Ch7 - The Kingdom of the Devil

Track 10 - Ch8 - End of This Age and the Return of Christ

Track 11 - Ch9 - Chinese Begger Boy Prophecies

Track 12 - Ch10 - Some Light on Writing the Bible

Track 13 - Ch11 - The Homeland

Track 14 - Ch12 - The Way

Track 15 - Closing Credits

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