Pneumatology • John G Lake

Pneumatology • John G Lake


Pneumatology refers to the study of the Holy Spirit in light of the Bible. It is an area many parts of the body of Christ have overlooked, which has truly hindered our spiritual growth and the advancement of God's kingdom in the earth today.

John G. Lake walked with the Holy Spirit and sought after him ever so carefully. He was a man of study and wanted to know how God healed the sick and how Christ worked through man by the Spirit's involvement.

This book is a compilation of Mr. Lakes own sermons on the subject of the Holy Spirit. Each is filled with divine wisdom and revelation, and should truly help us understand the wonderful third person of the Trinity - the Holy Spirit.


Audiobook Length - 2 Hours and 46 Minutes


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Track 1 - Opening Credits

Track 2 - Preface

Track 3 - Ch1 - Ministry of the Spirit

Track 4 - Ch2 - Pneumatology

Track 5 - Ch3 - Remarkable Manifestations of the Spirit in South Africa

Track 6 - Ch4 - The Power of the Spirit

Track 7 - Ch5 - The Tangibility of the Spirit

Track 8Ch6 - Christ Liveth in Me

Track 9 - Ch7 - The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Track 10 - Closing Credits

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