Adventures in God • John G Lake

Adventures in God • John G Lake


Want more out of the Christian life?

How about miracles? Intimacy? Hearing God's voice?

John G. Lake was an amazing man of God who literally walked in the realms of heaven on this earth and saw the finger of God at work on a daily basis. Everything from the dead being raised to demons being cast out was part of this man's life. Truly he was a modern day apostle and left a legacy of power due to the amazing grace of God at work within him.


Audiobook Length - 2 Hours & 9 Minutes


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Track 1 - Opening Credits

Track 2 - Forward & Preface

Track 3 - Adventures in God

Track 4 - How the Lord Sent Me to South Africa

Track 5 - How I Came to Devote My Life to the Ministry of Healing

Track 6 - More Adventures in God

Track 7 - Dominion

Track 8 - My Consecration as a Christian

Track 9 - Closing Credits

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