We Are A Company That Loves Jesus!

In 2014 the Lord planted the seed of GodSounds into the heart of William Crockett - an idea that went beyond his wildest imaginations. What began as an audio-book production company for Christian authors, has since evolved into a versatile organization offering different services to the body of Christ with a large catalogue of products as well.


Services We Offer:

Voiceover/Narrations for Audiobooks and Commercials

Softcover Book/E-Book Publishing

Graphic Design


Products We Offer:


Softcover Books


Christian T-Shirts


Where We Are Today:

GodSounds has since produced over 90 full-length audiobooks and has published over 50 softcover/e-books.

The GodSounds YouTube channel has 8000+ subscribers and over 1,400,000 total views.

People all around the world are benefiting from the work that GodSounds provides, and for this we are truly grateful. For more information and to see how we may serve you, feel free to contact us directly.



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