Voiceover Samples

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Prices are based on the length of time for the voiceover



-$150/hour for Audiobooks & Documentaries-

*estimation is 1.6 cents per word*

*must be over 1 hour to have this pricing*

*Plan for 65 Minutes of Narration for every 10,000 Words your work contains*


-$100 for Voiceover Recordings less than 1 Minute-

-$150 for Voiceover Recordings from 1 Minute to 5 Minutues

-$200 for Voiceover Recordings from 5 Minutes to 10 Minutes


Music and Sound Effects are also available!



-Client John wants his book "The Power of Heaven Today" narrated and produced. His written book contains 50,000 words. William voices and produces the book, and the audio comes out to be 326 minutes long. The amount owed by John for the finished audio is $815.00. John pays the amount to William via PayPal. William then sends the files to John via email. 

-Client Sue is looking for a 30 second voiceover that will be used on her business' website. She sends the script to William and he voices it. The amount owed by Sue is $100. Sue pays William via PayPay. William then sends the finished audio to Sue via email.

-Client Evan wants his fiction novel to be narrated with music and sound effects. His book is 15,000 words long. William and Evan agree on $300 for the music and sound effects. William voices the audiobook and it comes out to 112 minutes. The total amount due to William is $280 for the narration and $300 for the music. Evan sends the amount of $580 to William via PayPal. William then sends the finished audio to Evan via email.


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