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How The Lord Sent Me to South Africa

From Adventures in God, by John G Lake

I planned to go to Africa as a boy. I looked forward to it through my young manhood.

Shortly after my baptism in the Holy Spirit, a working of the Spirit commenced in me that seemed to have for its purpose the revelation of the nature of Jesus Christ to me and in me.

Through this guardianship and remolding of the spirit, a great tenderness for mankind was awakened in my soul. I saw mankind through new eyes. They seemed to me as wandering in the midst of confusion, having strayed far, groping and wandering hither and thither. They had no definite aim and did not seem to understand what the difficulty was, or how to return to God.

The desire to proclaim the message of Christ and to demonstrate His power to save and bless grew in my soul, until my life was swayed by this overwhelming passion.

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Adventures in God

From Adventures in God, by John G Lake

I found God as a boy, so for almost 50 years I have been walking in the light of God understanding fellowship with Him and listening to His Voice.

I want to call to your attention some of the things the Christian enjoys that others miss.

A dear man received an injury that caused his death in a motor accident not far from Beaverton. The day after this man was killed, I was visiting some friends in Beaverton and they told me of his injury. After our visit, my wife and I were driving into the city. As we were coming up on the highway a Voice said, "Pull onto the left of the road and stop."

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