How to Evangelize on the College Campus • William S Crockett Jr.

How to Evangelize on the College Campus • William S Crockett Jr.


What would Jesus do if he visited your college campus? Walk around? Read books and drink coffee? Or would he preach the Gospel? As Christians, we are called to bring the truth of God and everything the Lord has taught us to the people around us. At times, this may be difficult because of our lack of biblical teaching on evangelism. This book is designed to show people how simple it is to fulfill the Great Commission, even in their daily lives. As an individual is led by the Holy Spirit, power and deliverance are brought forth in mighty ways and the fire of God is displayed. Evangelism does not have to be a burdensome act, but rather an enjoyable adventure with Jesus.

Whether you are a new believer or a world-renowned evangelist, the teachings in this book are simple, yet profound. Everything from tracts to open-air preaching is discussed while referencing the scriptures. A successful soldier has proven techniques for battle, and so should we if we are to be successful evangelists. Not only for college students, this book can be used by anyone that so desires to spread the good news of God's salvation. By the grace of God, may we all listen and obey the words of the apostle Paul and "do the work of an evangelist".


Audiobook Length - 3 Hours & 12 Minutes


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 Track 1 - Opening Credits

 Track 2 - Introduction

 Track 3 - Ch 1 - Repent and Believe

 Track 4 - Ch 2 - Family and Friends

 Track 5 - Ch 3 - Attending Church and College Ministry

 Track 6 - Ch 4 - Tracts

 Track 7 - Ch 5 - One-On-One Methods

 Track 8 - Ch 6 - Open-Air Preaching

 Track 9 - Ch 7 - More Evangelism Techniques

Track 10 - Closing Credits

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