Bulk Book Orders

Looking to purchase 10, 50, or a 100+ softcover books?

We provide discounted prices for large orders of our GodSounds softcover books. Everything from Smith Wigglesworth to John G Lake is included in this special offer. 


How does it work?

Simply click here and pick which books you want and how many of each. The more books you choose, the greater the discounted price.

Then email Scooby@GodSounds.com with the books and the quantity of the order. 


How Much is the Discount?

20% discount for 10-49 books

30% discount for 50-99 books

40% discount for 100+ books


How do I pay?

We have found PayPal to be a simple and safe way to pay for products and services. Once the amount is received through PayPal, we will submit the order to our printer and then the books will be delivered to you. For any questions, simply contact us below:

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